About us

My name is Fatimo Elizabeth Abdulkadir-martins, I am a Beautician by profession & CEO of Klizzy beauty world.     


Klizzy Beauty World was established in 2015.


Klizzy Scents is a new brand under Klizzy Beauty World.

 Klizzy Scents was launched on 6th of November 2018, Due to a miscarriage I had in August 2018 after waiting on the Lord for 9 years which can lead to depression, so I decided to go for something that will keep me busy, and turn my sorrow to joy.

 Klizzy Scents was one of my future project, which I thought I cannot achieve in 4 years, but with God on my side and the support of my darling husband Engr Abenok I was able to achieved it in just 3 months.

 As a beauty Consultant: have been working in the beauty industry for over 5 years, I discover a lot of people can't afford to buy designer perfumes, that is what inspired me to start my own scents brand, we are working with one of the best perfume company in the UK to produce our products - Klizzy Scents : Quality perfumes ( Joy, Love, True Love

Quality candle : Strawberry candle (Peace)

Our reed diffusers : Cocktail of pineapple, mango and cream (Happiness)

 Candied Cranberry : Favour


Manicure & Pedicure products 

Vegan Massage oil

 Natural Hair products 

 We also launched our Klizzy online designer bags store in March, 2019

 For any bottle of Love & True love sold, £5 will be donated to buy baby foods, pampers and new baby clothes to support babies in motherless babies homes in Africa countries.

 Our aim is to stop the act of abandoning babies on the streets in Africa countries


Thank you for your patronage.